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Xcode v10: Commit, Build, and Help Book Issues

Below are issues that may arise in Xcode v10:

  • Command CodeSign failed with a non-zero exit code
  • Xcode project fails to commit to repository
  • help book not available or updating

CodeSign failure is related to the New Build System in Xcode and may be precipitated by modifying resources, such as assets or help files. Commit failure is related to GIT repositories. provides helpful background information. The solutions presented below are non-destructive. Deleting the help book folder/package with the Xcode Project navigator only removes the reference in Xcode. The folder/package remains available for any necessary additions, deletions, or modifications.


This error occurs with New Build System after adding or deleting resource files, such as assets or help files. In Xcode v11, Clean Build Folder should resolve this problem. Xcode v10 requires Clean in the Legacy Build System, as described below:

  1. revert to Legacy Build System with File -> Project Settings ...
  2. Product -> Clean
  3. reactivate New Build System with File -> Project Settings ...
  4. Build


The macOS file system is case-insensitive by default. The GIT repository system is case-sensitive. An isolated change in case may trigger this problem, such as renaming the help folder/package from "TargetNamehelp" to "TargetNameHelp".

Use the process described in HELP BOOK ISSUES, below, for resolution.


There are many causes of help book problems, including errors in the Info.plist file of the help book. The procedure described below should resolve all help book problems:

  1. confirm Info.plist settings
  2. remove all previous application versions
  3. empty Trash
  4. Delete help folder/package in Xcode Project navigator (accept default option to Remove Reference)
  5. Product -> Clean Build Folder
  6. Build
  7. fix code sign failure if necessary
  8. add, edit, delete help book contents as necessary
  9. add help folder/package to Xcode (use File -> Add Files to "Target_Name"...)
  10. Product -> Clean Build Folder
  11. Build
  12. fix code sign failure if necessary

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