Arthur Rosel

iOS, macOS, and web
designed and crafted like haute couture




Limoncello Calculator

Make finely crafted Limoncello at home without the guesswork using this iOS app.



Expand Time Machine functionality and access with this macOS app.

Born from a legacy of excellence
in the high-end fashion industry.

rosel-cameoArthur Rosel emigrated from Europe as a young man in the early 20th century. He was trained as a tailor. In New York, he was hired to manage sweat shops producing women's garments. He was successful and realized he could manage his own company. He supported improved conditions and enhanced compensation for his employees. He received gratitude and superior quality in return. Arthur Rosel produced finely crafted high-end designer dresses from the 1950's through the 1980's.

The new Arthur Rosel brand combines these principles with 45 years of experience in information technology to meticulously design and craft apps that efficiently and intuitively fulfill important underserved needs.

Reared on DEC PDP-8 and LSI-11, current hardware projects employ multi-core and multi-processor technology and involve network management, cloud computing, and custom rack solutions. Macro assembler, Fortran-IV, PL/I, Basic, SQL, and shell scripting provided the foundation for the current use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, php, and Swift 4.

Web sites designed by Arthur Rosel employ the latest technologies and support any mobile or desktop device.

A new company with
45+ years of hardware and software
IT experience.

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